Stack Knack

Let's build your IoT stack

Welcome to the place where IoT, data analytics and asset tracking meets.

StackKnack helps business to simplify their IT needs. We provide solutions for IOT, real time data analytics, business rule engine, scalabale notification services and asset tracking.

Our Products


Inspex lets you detect changes within your real time data stream and get alerts in 4 easy steps. It is a scalable one stop solution to monitor the changes in your data stream. Inspex lets you define custom rules based on your data schema so you can get notified on channels of your choice when there is a change in your real time data stream.


Insight lets you track your asset in real time. It provides high accuracy real time tracking, intelligent analyticts, reporting, geofencing, alerts and much more . Insight is designed to be protocol and device agnostic, which means our platform let's you track your vehicle fleet, your loved ones, pets and even your cell phone.